Grant Leier


Garden Party

Usual Suspects

Same Time Tomorrow

Here Comes Beverly

Lots in Common

Class Reunion

Group Dynamics

House Party

Colour Me Happy - Study

Light Lunch at Magnolias - Study

New Best Friends - Study

Coho Study

Chum Study

Sockeye Study

Eye Spy Study

Big News Study

Sunlight Study

Annual Meeting


Old Infinity Friends Study I


Inhale Courage

Stay Happy #6

Stay Happy #4

Old Infinity Friends #12

Old Infinity Friends #11

Old Infinity Friends #10

Old Infinity Friends #9

Conversation Cobalt Urn



Nanaimo Bird Study G

Nanaimo Bird Study H

Nanaimo Bird Study E

Showdown at Union Bay

Blue Birds at Whiskey Creek

Birding at Lantzville

Good Season

Tulip Koi

Poppy Japan

Display Turquoise

Still Life with Goldfish & Slim Cat

Gentle Time

Red Bill

Banner Day


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