"Celebrating British Columbia Artists"

1203 Broad Street, Victoria, B.C.

January 11, 2020 until January 23, 2020

A group exhibition as unique as the artists who paint them! Participating artists look to their own backyard for inspiration with new paintings for the New Year. Paintings featuring the diversity of the landscape hang alongside whimsical still life paintings offering bright and cheerful colours to brighten the walls. Participating artists include: Steven Armstrong, Naomi Cairns, Rod Charlesworth, Richard Cole, Ken Faulks, Greta Guzek, Gabryel Harrison, Dana Irving, Patricia Johnston, Paul Jorgensen, Ken Kirkby, Mary Ann Laing, Grant Leier, Joel Mara, Lucie Marlo, Maria Medina, Elka Nowicka, Paul Paquette, Ron Parker, Glenn Payan, Peter Shostak, Jeannette Sirois, Blu Smith and Peter Wyse.

There is no room for you

Peter Shostak

White Scape Round Flat Vase - Large

Robert Held

Nebula - Amphitrite

Patricia Johnston

Ocean Bounty 2

Greta Guzek

Islet II

Naomi Cairns

Happy Day Bouquet

Tammy Hudgeon


Steven Armstrong

Like a Walk in the Park

Mary Ann Laing

Breaking Light, Pacific Rim

Rod Charlesworth

My Private Sunrise

Blu Smith


Dana Irving

Reflections of a Blood Orange

Jeannette Sirois

The Rail Fence

Ron Parker

Flock of Finches

Maria Medina

Lean on Me

Peter Wyse


Lucie Marlo

Castle Hill

Paul Jorgensen

He Lived, Breathed and Ate Hockey

Elaine Brewer-White

On the Water

Richard Cole

Sailing Out

Ken Faulks

Good Partner

Paul Paquette


Grant Leier

In a Mirror

Ken Kirkby

Window on the World

Glenn Payan

Roses in a Glass

Gabryel Harrison

Waking Up in the Meadow

Joel Mara

Show Me Your Stripes

Elka Nowicka
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