Dana Irving: "From Here to There"

10337 - 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.

March 14, 2020 until April 2, 2020

Irving’s painting style is borne of a deep affection for the Canadian landscape. From her childhood in rural BC surrounded by pine trees and lakes to her current home in Vancouver where nature can be ignored by no one, the natural world has left an indelible mark on her sense of aesthetics and place. Irving turns her artistic expression toward the spacious forests of ancient trees, the looming mountains, the rolling ocean, the emerald green rivers and the moody weather around it all.

The pattern of going to a beautiful place and staying a while, seeing it in all kinds of weather, at all times of day and then drawing and painting it, is a loop that I love to repeat. These are the best business trips ever! In summer of 2019, I spent a week hiking around Canmore and Lake Louise in the Rockies and then a few weeks later, I did a 5 day kayak trip around Desolation Sound on the west coast of BC. This exhibition is the fruit of those two adventures. I am always amazed how far I can go just one step (or paddle) at a time.” –Dana Irving 2020


Up at Dawn

Bring on the Night

Early Bird

The Last Light of Day


Open Crossing

Lake Agnes

Ahead of the Weather


I Could Stay All Day


Lake Agnes with Friends

Old Friends


On Top


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