Joanne Gauthier


Request for Love

A Quest for Flowers

Request for Flowers

A Quest for Blue Sky

Love is a Rebellious Bird

Two Sad Birds

Where the Words of Writer Have Proved Insufficient...

Arabesques #1

Arabesques #2

Nocturne #20

A Little Night Music Allegro



Desire Waltz

Eternal Youth

Nobility and Resistance

The Sky is Warm and Blue...

Very High They Could Reach the Light

Beautiful Red

A Lady Answer to Her Lover's Dream

The Reflection of the Strength of the Heart

The Gardener Master

Galateé, Daphnée...

Poetry of "Des la Fontaine"

La ballade des oranges


Girls Spirit

Small Whisper for Butterflies

In Flame

Simple Pear

Red Rain

Flower Oxygen

Cloudy Pear

Mason Jar

Heart Quake

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