Grant Leier


Sunlight Study

Old Friends


Annual Meeting

Young Love


Empty Nesters

Old Infinity Friends Study II

Old Infinity Friends Study I

Old Infinity Friends #1

Stay Happy #7


Inhale Courage

Stay Happy #6

Stay Happy #4

Old Infinity Friends #12

Old Infinity Friends #11

Old Infinity Friends #10

Old Infinity Friends #9

Infinity Bird I

Conversation Cobalt Urn



Nanaimo Bird Study G

Nanaimo Bird Study H

Nanaimo Bird Study E

Showdown at Union Bay

Blue Birds at Whiskey Creek

Birding at Lantzville

Good Season

Tulip Koi

Poppy Japan

Display Turquoise

Still Life with Goldfish & Slim Cat

Gentle Time

Red Bill

Banner Day


Our Trip to Tijuana Study

Geisha Mexico

Geisha House Number

Geisha Paint Brush

Enjoy Your Self Study

Show Your True Colours Study

Titanium Queen 7

Titanium Queen 6

Titanium Queen 5

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

And I Think to Myself What A Wonderful World

She's Got Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

Enjoy Yourself Study

Give Room to Your Soul Study

You Make Me Feel Brand New

Show Your True Colours Study

Count Your Blessings

Celebrate Diversity

We Belong Together

Enjoy Yourself

Count Your Blessings

Show Your True Colours

Show Your True Colours

Be Yourself

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