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Brent Laycock

May 23rd - April 4th
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Welcome to the West End Gallery

We’re a family owned and operated art gallery, specializing in Canadian art since 1975. We serve our clientele from two locations: Edmonton, Alberta and Victoria, British Columbia.
1203 Broad Street, Victoria, B.C.
May 16, 2015 until May 28, 2015

Alain Bédard presents his premiere exhibition with West End Gallery. His passion for painting started in 1976 and led him to pursue art studies at Cégep de Ste-Foy in Quebec. He then traveled to New York to continue his studies and gain experience in illustration. Never one to rest, Alain’s desire to push his own boundaries led him to further his education at Laval University, completing his Baccalaureate in 1984. While attending Laval University he had the privilege of studying under the renowned Canadian painter Claude A. Simard, who became a great friend and mentor. Having worked as a professional painter for many years now Alain has developed a distinct style based on his travels, love of architecture and brilliant use of colour. Join us for the opening reception Saturday May 16 from 1-4pm.

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New Artwork - Victoria, B.C.

House in Saint-Rémy, by Alain Bédard
House in Saint-Rémy Alain Bédard
24 x 12 Sold Victoria
Small Pond, by Steven Armstrong
Small Pond Steven Armstrong
14 x 18 $1,100 Victoria
Climbing Gardens, by Steven Armstrong
Climbing Gardens Steven Armstrong
24 x 12 $1,300 Victoria
October Snow, by Steven Armstrong
October Snow Steven Armstrong
14 x 18 $1,100 Victoria
Above the Watershed, by Steven Armstrong
Above the Watershed Steven Armstrong
14 x 11 $850 Victoria
After the Rain, by Deborah Tilby
After the Rain Deborah Tilby
18 x 24 $2,500 Victoria
Over the Rocks Clover Point, by Deborah Tilby
20 x 16 $2,100 Victoria
Wine and Flowers, by Alain Bédard
Wine and Flowers Alain Bédard
30 x 24 Sold Victoria
The Other Side of the Port, by Alain Bédard
30 x 36 Sold Victoria
Potted Flowers, by Alain Bédard
Potted Flowers Alain Bédard
24 x 30 Sold Victoria

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New Artwork - Edmonton, Alberta

August Dusk, by Ronald Parker
August Dusk Ronald Parker
9 x 36 $1,600 Edmonton
Valley Dawn, by Ronald Parker
Valley Dawn Ronald Parker
20 x 14 $1,750 Edmonton
Spring Clouds, by Ronald Parker
Spring Clouds Ronald Parker
24 x 18 $2,500 Edmonton
Mystical Moment, by Ariane Dubois
Mystical Moment Ariane Dubois
20 x 40 $2,000 Edmonton
Jardin Fauve No.1- Buisson Ardent, by Ariane Dubois
48 x 72 $6,000 Edmonton
Big Sky 2, by Richard Cole
Big Sky 2 Richard Cole
42 x 42 $4,125 Edmonton
Big Sky 4, by Richard Cole
Big Sky 4 Richard Cole
42 x 42 $4,125 Edmonton
Big Sky 6, by Richard Cole
Big Sky 6 Richard Cole
42 x 42 $4,125 Edmonton
Big Sky 5, by Richard Cole
Big Sky 5 Richard Cole
42 x 42 $4,125 Edmonton
Big Sky 3, by Richard Cole
Big Sky 3 Richard Cole
42 x 42 $4,125 Edmonton

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Edmonton, AB

Established 1975

10337 - 124 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5N 1R1

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

Phone: +1 780 488 4892
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Victoria, BC

Established 1994

1203 Broad Street
Victoria, BC
V8W 2A4

Hours: Monday - Friday 10 am to 5:30 pm Saturday 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday 11 am to 4 pm

Phone: +1 250 388 0009
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