Group Exhibition in Edmonton: March 4 - 16, 2017

Aleksandra and Irena Gendelman


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March 4, 2017 until March 16, 2017

West End Gallery Edmonton presents a group exhibition of Toronto based artists Irena Gendelman and Aleksandra, opening Saturday March 4. Influences of their home country, Ukraine, are apparent in their works, where sensual language and texture take precedence. Expressed in scenes full of splendor, romance, colour, and personality - the vitality and vibrancy of their paintings are admired by collectors around the globe.

Upon moving to Toronto in 2005, Aleksandra was immediately mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes of her new home. By exploring cubic forms and applying paint in a structured, geometric fashion, her works are rigid and pleasing in their balanced composition of rich vibrant reds and deep ultramarine blues. This combination of form and colour showcase her artistic maturity and sensibility.

Irena Gendelman gained a passion for art when very young, fueling her desire to develop her artistic skills throughout school and university. Irena has traveled to numerous cities in Europe and the Middle East, contributing to the evolution of her artistic style. Full of passion and life, her paintings appear solid, yet light, exuding a sense of ethereal realism.

West End Gallery invites you to join us for the opening reception Saturday, March 4 between 1 and 4 pm. Exhibition continues through March 16. All artwork is subject to pre-sale. Please contact our Edmonton gallery location at 780-488-4892 or

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New Artwork - Edmonton, Alberta

Scenic Tower Aleksandra
24 x 48 $2,550€1,826$1,933 USD$2,520 AUD£1,55513,277¥ Edmonton
30 x 40 $2,525€1,809$1,914 USD$2,495 AUD£1,54013,147¥ Edmonton
After the Rain Aleksandra
30 x 60 Sold Edmonton
Our Nightly Stroll Aleksandra
36 x 12 $1,550€1,110$1,175 USD$1,531 AUD£9458,070¥ Edmonton
You and Me Aleksandra
36 x 36 $2,825€2,023$2,142 USD$2,791 AUD£1,72214,709¥ Edmonton
Moments Like This Aleksandra
36 x 48 $3,325€2,382$2,521 USD$3,285 AUD£2,02717,312¥ Edmonton
Out and About Aleksandra
36 x 48 $3,325€2,382$2,521 USD$3,285 AUD£2,02717,312¥ Edmonton
Weekend Getaway Aleksandra
36 x 60 $4,025€2,883$3,052 USD$3,977 AUD£2,45420,957¥ Edmonton
The Red Umbrella Aleksandra
40 x 30 $2,525€1,809$1,914 USD$2,495 AUD£1,54013,147¥ Edmonton
I'll Walk With You Aleksandra
40 x 60 $4,300€3,080$3,260 USD$4,249 AUD£2,62222,389¥ Edmonton
Table for One Aleksandra
48 x 24 $2,550€1,826$1,933 USD$2,520 AUD£1,55513,277¥ Edmonton
Warm Reflections Aleksandra
60 x 40 $4,300€3,080$3,260 USD$4,249 AUD£2,62222,389¥ Edmonton

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New Artwork - Victoria, B.C.

30 x 54 $4,050€2,901$3,071 USD$4,002 AUD£2,46921,087¥ Victoria
An Amazing Moment Claudette Castonguay
30 x 40 $3,250€2,328$2,464 USD$3,211 AUD£1,98216,922¥ Victoria
30 x 40 $3,250€2,328$2,464 USD$3,211 AUD£1,98216,922¥ Victoria
Music and Tea Hour Claudette Castonguay
24 x 30 $1,800€1,289$1,365 USD$1,778 AUD£1,0979,372¥ Victoria
Un matin de Juillet Claudette Castonguay
15 x 30 $1,425€1,021$1,080 USD$1,408 AUD£8697,419¥ Victoria
Saturday Morning Claudette Castonguay
24 x 12 $1,000€716$758 USD$988 AUD£6105,207¥ Victoria
Chez ma voisine Claudette Castonguay
24 x 12 $1,000€716$758 USD$988 AUD£6105,207¥ Victoria
The Appero Hour Claudette Castonguay
20 x 24 $1,375€985$1,042 USD$1,359 AUD£8387,159¥ Victoria
Because... I Love You Claudette Castonguay
24 x 20 $1,375€985$1,042 USD$1,359 AUD£8387,159¥ Victoria
Alfredo, Pablo and Gino Claudette Castonguay
36 x 12 $1,400€1,003$1,061 USD$1,383 AUD£8547,289¥ Victoria
Un weekend de Rêve Claudette Castonguay
12 x 36 $1,400€1,003$1,061 USD$1,383 AUD£8547,289¥ Victoria
Certains instants sont éternels Claudette Castonguay
24 x 36 $2,050€1,468$1,554 USD$2,025 AUD£1,25010,674¥ Victoria
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