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Annabelle Marquis

April 25th - May 7th
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Welcome to the West End Gallery

We’re a family owned and operated art gallery, specializing in Canadian art since 1975. We serve our clientele from two locations: Edmonton, Alberta and Victoria, British Columbia.
10337 - 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
April 18, 2015 until May 7, 2015

It is with gratitude, satisfaction and excitement that the West End Gallery is celebrating their 40th Anniversary in a new location in the Gallery District of Edmonton.  For 40 Years our gallery has grown and expanded – maintaining and acquiring an impressive stable of renowned, contemporary Canadian artists.  To commemorate our milestone and new location, each of our artists has produced a major piece for the 40th Anniversary Collection.  This major exhibition opens on Saturday, April 18, between 10 and 5 pm and Sunday April 19 between noon and 4 pm and will continue until May 7. For more information call 780-488-4892. 

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New Artwork - Victoria, B.C.

The Noble Dog, by Peter Wyse
The Noble Dog Peter Wyse
36 x 36 Sold Victoria
Bouquet Macao, by Annabelle Marquis
Bouquet Macao Annabelle Marquis
48 x 30 $2,890 Victoria
Deep Down Colours, by Annabelle Marquis
Deep Down Colours Annabelle Marquis
48 x 72 $5,400 Victoria
Écolosion, by Annabelle Marquis
Écolosion Annabelle Marquis
40 x 48 $3,610 Victoria
Neon Koi, by Annabelle Marquis
Neon Koi Annabelle Marquis
48 x 16 $2,095 Victoria
You and Me, by Annabelle Marquis
You and Me Annabelle Marquis
24 x 24 $1,535 Victoria
Spring Joy, by Annabelle Marquis
Spring Joy Annabelle Marquis
36 x 36 $2,660 Victoria
The Mighty, by Annabelle Marquis
The Mighty Annabelle Marquis
40 x 40 $2,960 Victoria
Eight, by Annabelle Marquis
Eight Annabelle Marquis
40 x 60 Sold Victoria
Victoria's Bouquet, by Annabelle Marquis
Victoria's Bouquet Annabelle Marquis
48 x 36 $3,450 Victoria

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New Artwork - Edmonton, Alberta

L'Olivier Près de la Bastide, by Raynald Leclerc
24 x 24 $2,875 Edmonton
Tulip Row, by Nixie Barton
Tulip Row Nixie Barton
6 x 4 $300 Edmonton
Tall Vase, by Nixie Barton
Tall Vase Nixie Barton
6 x 4 $300 Edmonton
Bowl of Pears, by Nixie Barton
Bowl of Pears Nixie Barton
8 x 8 Sold Edmonton
Tiho , by Nicola Mainville
Tiho Nicola Mainville
26 x 15 x 18 $3,800 Edmonton
Lovely Fruit Blossoms, by Glen Semple
Lovely Fruit Blossoms Glen Semple
48 x 36 Sold Edmonton
Lilac Bouquet #1, by Glen Semple
Lilac Bouquet #1 Glen Semple
12 x 12 Sold Edmonton
Chambre d'élégance, by Pierre Giroux
Chambre d'élégance Pierre Giroux
54 x 36 $2,900 Edmonton
Restful Pause, by Pierre Giroux
Restful Pause Pierre Giroux
54 x 48 $3,250 Edmonton
Edmonton Folk Festival, by Fraser Brinsmead
Edmonton Folk Festival Fraser Brinsmead
40 x 24 $2,050 Edmonton

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