Premiere Exhibition in Victoria

Naomi Cairns


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February 11, 2017 until February 23, 2017

Naomi Cairns February 11-23, 2017
Premiere Exhibition in Victoria: Reflections of the Salish Sea.

Join us for the opening reception Saturday February 11 with artist in attendance from 1-4pm.
West End Gallery is pleased to introduce Naomi Cairns. Naomi was born on Vancouver Island in 1984 and became interested in art at an early age. She attended Malaspina University/College in Nanaimo and L'Ecole des Beaux Arts de Lyon in France before obtaining her BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2007. A recipient of many prestigious awards, Naomi counts among them the honour of being the youngest recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award, which she received in 2002. In 2011 Naomi and her husband bought a 40-foot sailboat and for the next 3 years sailed around the southern and northern Gulf Islands. Time spent on the water has influenced her most recent body of work in which she explores interactions of the sea's edge in large-scale paintings. An accomplished young artist, Naomi’s work has captured the attention of collectors from both the private and public sectors, one of her paintings is included in the permanent collection of the National War Museum in Ottawa.

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New Artwork - Edmonton, Alberta

Anything is Possible Dana Irving
24 x 48 $4,000€2,876$3,055 USD$3,984 AUD£2,45920,966¥ Edmonton
Breathing Space Dana Irving
20 x 60 $4,200€3,019$3,207 USD$4,183 AUD£2,58222,014¥ Edmonton
Tous les Samedis Blythe Scott
36 x 36 $4,850€3,487$3,704 USD$4,830 AUD£2,98225,421¥ Edmonton
36 x 36 $4,850€3,487$3,704 USD$4,830 AUD£2,98225,421¥ Edmonton
Happy Harbour Blythe Scott
18 x 18 $2,250€1,618$1,718 USD$2,241 AUD£1,38311,793¥ Edmonton
Bonne Soirée Blythe Scott
18 x 18 $2,250€1,618$1,718 USD$2,241 AUD£1,38311,793¥ Edmonton
Skaters and Sliders Rod Charlesworth
24 x 18 $2,475€1,779$1,890 USD$2,465 AUD£1,52212,973¥ Edmonton
October Sky, Algonquin Rod Charlesworth
12 x 26 $2,675€1,923$2,043 USD$2,664 AUD£1,64514,021¥ Edmonton
Starlit Harbour Blythe Scott
30 x 30 $4,275€3,073$3,265 USD$4,258 AUD£2,62822,408¥ Edmonton
Deeply Autumn Blythe Scott
24 x 24 $3,475€2,498$2,654 USD$3,461 AUD£2,13618,214¥ Edmonton
Ruelle 6-1-6 Sacha
48 x 24 $2,450€1,761$1,871 USD$2,440 AUD£1,50612,842¥ Edmonton
Ruelle 6-1-5 Sacha
60 x 30 $3,775€2,714$2,883 USD$3,760 AUD£2,32119,787¥ Edmonton

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New Artwork - Victoria, B.C.

Kitten Island IV Naomi Cairns
42 x 72 $4,200€3,019$3,207 USD$4,183 AUD£2,58222,014¥ Victoria
Heather Island III Naomi Cairns
36 x 84 $4,200€3,019$3,207 USD$4,183 AUD£2,58222,014¥ Victoria
Teakerne Arm Shoreline Naomi Cairns
36 x 84 $4,200€3,019$3,207 USD$4,183 AUD£2,58222,014¥ Victoria
Stove Islet Naomi Cairns
36 x 80 Sold Victoria
Bee Islets Naomi Cairns
48 x 59.5 $4,000€2,876$3,055 USD$3,984 AUD£2,45920,966¥ Victoria
Kitten Island II Naomi Cairns
48 x 84 Sold Victoria
Sunrise on a New Morning Paul Jorgensen
36 x 36 $3,025€2,175$2,310 USD$3,013 AUD£1,86015,856¥ Victoria
What Comes Around Goes Around Annabelle Marquis
40 x 60 $4,510€3,242$3,444 USD$4,492 AUD£2,77323,639¥ Victoria
Into the Light Annabelle Marquis
60 x 40 $4,510€3,242$3,444 USD$4,492 AUD£2,77323,639¥ Victoria
The One Annabelle Marquis
60 x 24 Sold Victoria
18 x 72 Sold Victoria
Sweet Memory Dana Irving
40 x 30 $4,200€3,019$3,207 USD$4,183 AUD£2,58222,014¥ Victoria
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