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http://www.westendgalleryltd.com/images/frontwindow/Les_Courbes_du_R_52e2caab4dc0d.jpg Les Courbes du Rang by Guy Roy
http://www.westendgalleryltd.com/images/frontwindow/Beach_at_Albert__52d85b9e93ac0.jpg Beach at Albert Head by Jim McFarland
http://www.westendgalleryltd.com/images/frontwindow/Larchfall_by_Bea_52a7700488cc9.jpg Larchfall by Beaver Mines by W. H. Webb
http://www.westendgalleryltd.com/images/frontwindow/Playing_with_Fri_5293df121d7ce.jpg Playing with Friends the Saturday by Claudette Castonguay
http://www.westendgalleryltd.com/images/frontwindow/Happy_Hour_527e668e933f2.jpg Happy Hour by Michael Rozenvain
http://www.westendgalleryltd.com/images/frontwindow/Canola_Field_524ee47604317.jpg Canola Field by Richard Cole
Chasing Tails
A Post Card from the Cottage



The West End Gallery is known for discovering and presenting the finest examples of Canadian art from a broad spectrum of artists. Displayed between our two galleries, Edmonton and Victoria, the West End Gallery represents over 45 painters.

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Glass Artists

Glass Artists

The West End Gallery has represented the finest in Canadian glass art from across the country for over 15 years. Known for hosting the Annual Canadian Glass Show during the summer months in Victoria, BC, the gallery displays one of the largest collections of sculptural and blown glass in Western Canada.

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Approval System

Art is a major investment. We offer free approval of artwork in your home or office to simplify the decision process.

Consulting Service

With the guidance of our friendly and qualified staff, we can help you create and develop a diverse and unique art collection.

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We offer flexible monthly payment options on all artwork with no interest or service charges.

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