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We’re a family owned and operated art gallery, specializing in Canadian art since 1975. We serve our clientele from two locations: Edmonton, Alberta and Victoria, British Columbia.
1203 Broad Street, Victoria, B.C.
October 3, 2015 until October 15, 2015

Rod Charlesworth, an exhibition of new work, October 3- 15
British Columbia’s Rod Charlesworth presents his 15th solo exhibition with the West End Gallery, opening Saturday, October 3. While acknowledging his education and technical training in Fine Art at the Okanagan University College in Kelowna, Rod largely considers himself self-taught. His vibrant patches of colour, the rugged terrain of the Western landscape, and snowy rinks with children at play capture a uniquely Canadian cultural identity. In this latest collection of paintings Rod has departed from his previous colour palette by making one small change to his under-painting, producing dramatic effects, resulting in fresh and vibrant new landscapes. “What initially inspired me to paint was how we all see the world differently. I wanted to create my own visual language that could be used to portray the Canadian landscape in all of its rugged subtleties”. Join us for the opening reception Saturday, October 3 with artist in attendance from 1 to 4pm. Rod Charlesworth’s exhibition continues through October 15. All artwork is subject to presale. Please direct inquires to our Victoria gallery location.

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10337 - 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
October 17, 2015 until October 29, 2015

W.H. Webb, an exhibition of new work, October 17- 29 

Alberta artist W.H. Webb presents an exhibition of new work, opening Saturday, October 17. This exhibition with Webb celebrates 30 years with the West End Gallery. He often describes his landscapes as “painterly realism”, using acrylic paints in a manner reminiscent of the traditional school of watercolourists. While his paintings may be viewed as topographical landscapes, they are intellectually developed with the inter-related elements of space, form, colour, line, unity, and rhythm. His work reflects the beauty, mood, and endless horizons of the vistas and mountains of Alberta. Join us for the opening reception Saturday, October 17 with artist in attendance from 1 to 4pm. W.H. Webb’s exhibition will continue through October 29. All artwork is subject to presale. Please direct inquires to our Edmonton gallery location.

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New Artwork - Edmonton, Alberta

Family Values Fraser Brinsmead
48 x 36 Sold Edmonton
Maskinonge Shore Brent Laycock
12 x 16 $1,300€884$1,004 USD$1,369 AUD£6556,372¥ Edmonton
Knight Lake Summer Brent Laycock
16 x 24 $2,125€1,445$1,641 USD$2,238 AUD£1,07110,416¥ Edmonton
Forest Latticework Brent Laycock
24 x 24 $2,850€1,938$2,201 USD$3,002 AUD£1,43613,970¥ Edmonton
Criss Cross Creek Brent Laycock
16 x 24 $2,125€1,445$1,641 USD$2,238 AUD£1,07110,416¥ Edmonton
Autumn in the Foothills Brent Laycock
24 x 36 $3,775€2,567$2,916 USD$3,976 AUD£1,90218,504¥ Edmonton
Hard Candy Corner Paul Jorgensen
30 x 30 $2,200€1,496$1,699 USD$2,317 AUD£1,10910,784¥ Edmonton
The CRC at Namu Robert Genn
16 x 20 $4,000€2,720$3,089 USD$4,213 AUD£2,01619,607¥ Edmonton
16 x 12 $6,500€4,420$5,020 USD$6,846 AUD£3,27631,862¥ Edmonton
Talmont-sur-Gironde I Robert Savignac
36 x 36 Sold Edmonton
Sport d'Hiver Robert Savignac
36 x 30 $3,175€2,159$2,452 USD$3,344 AUD£1,60015,563¥ Edmonton
Champ Provence Robert Savignac
30 x 30 $2,900€1,972$2,240 USD$3,054 AUD£1,46114,215¥ Edmonton

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New Artwork - Victoria, B.C.

Shore Time Deborah Tilby
24 x 18 $2,500€1,700$1,931 USD$2,633 AUD£1,26012,255¥ Victoria
Red Wagon Deborah Tilby
10 x 12 $1,120€762$865 USD$1,180 AUD£5645,490¥ Victoria
Sheep by the Stream Deborah Tilby
9 x 12 $1,100€748$850 USD$1,158 AUD£5545,392¥ Victoria
  $295€201$228 USD$311 AUD£1491,446¥ Victoria
  $85€58$66 USD$90 AUD£43417¥ Victoria
  $375€255$290 USD$395 AUD£1891,838¥ Victoria
  $335€228$259 USD$353 AUD£1691,642¥ Victoria
  $250€170$193 USD$263 AUD£1261,225¥ Victoria
  $335€228$259 USD$353 AUD£1691,642¥ Victoria
  $415€282$321 USD$437 AUD£2092,034¥ Victoria
  $500€340$386 USD$527 AUD£2522,451¥ Victoria
  $250€170$193 USD$263 AUD£1261,225¥ Victoria

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