Exhibition of New Work in Victoria!

Rod Charlesworth

October 21 - November 2, 2017

Welcome to the West End Gallery

We’re a family owned and operated art gallery, specializing in Canadian art since 1975. We serve our clientele from two locations: Edmonton, Alberta and Victoria, British Columbia.
10337 - 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
October 14, 2017 until October 26, 2017

Brent R. Laycock
Solo Exhibition of New Work
October 14 - 26, 2017
10337 124 Street, Edmonton, AB

Please join critically acclaimed landscape artist Brent Laycock as he presents his latest solo exhibition of new work at the West End Gallery, Saturday October 14 from 1-4 pm. A member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts as well as the Society of Canadian Artists, Brent Laycock received his MFA and BFA from Brigham Young University, Utah. Highlights of his career include having a watercolour presented to Queen Elizabeth II for her Majesty’s Royal Collection and creating a design for the roof of the Hyatt Regency Hotel ballroom in Calgary. Exhibition continues through October 26.

"The majority of my paintings are landscapes. Although I have experimented with many other forms and subjects, it is the interaction with the land that continually fuels my interest. Perhaps this passion comes from my background as a farm boy or perhaps it comes from just living where the sky, mountains, prairie and water have a continual impact in my perceptions. In the landscape, I see the spiritual connection between ourselves and the divine. I only hope to transmit some of its power to uplift the soul." - Brent R. Laycock

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1203 Broad Street, Victoria, B.C.
October 20, 2017 until October 22, 2017

Join us for the 19th annual Gallery Walk on October 21st from 10:00am-5:30pm and October 22nd from 12:00pm-4:00pm.

One of Victoria’s much loved art events, the Annual Victoria Gallery Walk, established in 1998 takes place at Alcheringa Gallery, Madrona Gallery, University of Victoria Legacy Art Galleries, West End Gallery, Winchester Gallery, and Trounce Alley Gallery on Saturday October 21 from 10am-5:30pm and Sunday October 22 between 12-4pm.

West End Gallery will be featuring a solo exhibition of new paintings by Rod Charlesworth. Engaged with and aware of the extensive history of Canadian landscape painting, Rod Charlesworth is committed to providing his viewers with a refreshing, often celebratory approach to the landscape. His work consciously comments on beauty and the ephemeral within the landscape, done so in a manner of mark making which is unique to his visual vocabulary. Although the places depicted, for the most part are within Canada, Rod hopes that viewers engage with the work not only in terms of place, but also in formal terms with regards to paint materiality and mark making. "It's just paint, have fun with it!" - Rod Charlesworth. Join us for the opening reception Saturday October 21 with the artist in residence from 1-4pm. Exhibition runs until November 2, 2017.

Visit each of the six member galleries and collect a stamp from each location. Submit your completed passport card to any one of the participating galleries by the end of October 22 for your chance to win. Prizes will be drawn on November 3, 2017 and winners will be contacted immediately.

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1203 Broad Street, Victoria, B.C.
October 21, 2017 until November 2, 2017

While acknowledging his education and technical training in Fine Art at the Okanagan University College in Kelowna, Rod largely considers himself self-taught. His vibrant patches of colour, the rugged terrain of the Western landscape, and snowy rinks with children at play capture a uniquely Canadian cultural identity. Rod has departed from his previous colour palette by making one small change to his under-painting, producing dramatic effects, resulting in fresh and vibrant new landscapes. “What initially inspired me to paint was how we all see the world differently. I wanted to create my own visual language that could be used to portray the Canadian landscape in all of its rugged subtleties.”

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10337 - 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
October 28, 2017 until November 9, 2017

Grant Leier & Nixie Barton
Exhibition of New Work
October 28 - November 9, 2017
10337 124 Street, Edmonton, AB

The West End Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of new work from beloved west coast artist Grant Leier. Please join Grant at the opening, Saturday, October 28 between 1-4pm. Grant Leier’s unique and exotic still life paintings are rich in colour and pattern. All artwork subject to pre-sale. Exhibition continues through November 9.

“I’ve never been interested in painting the landscape. I feel a need to inject intense colour, pattern, and a sense of celebration into everything I paint. I want the ordinary to be exotic, the black dog to be red, the pears to be blue. My focus has been colour, people, animals and… still life. More than anything I want my images to evoke a sense of well-being and goodness… I believe that documenting social and political concerns in the visual arts is important, but I feel it is equally important to pursue the creation of work that simply makes you feel good.” - Grant Leier

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New Artwork - Edmonton, Alberta

Gold Bull Annabelle Marquis
30 x 30 $2,870€1,929$2,274 USD$2,905 AUD£1,72415,048¥ Edmonton
Don't You See? Annabelle Marquis
40 x 40 Sold Edmonton
Plucking the Moon Irene Klar
26 x 17 $1,750€1,176$1,386 USD$1,771 AUD£1,0519,175¥ Edmonton
Moon Vigil Irene Klar
29 x 41 $4,075€2,739$3,228 USD$4,125 AUD£2,44821,366¥ Edmonton
Fruits Élène Gamache
20 x 20 $2,800€1,882$2,218 USD$2,834 AUD£1,68214,681¥ Edmonton
Blue Skies Élène Gamache
20 x 20 $2,800€1,882$2,218 USD$2,834 AUD£1,68214,681¥ Edmonton
Large Bouquet Élène Gamache
42 x 18 $4,200€2,823$3,327 USD$4,252 AUD£2,52422,021¥ Edmonton
A Weekend During the Winter Claudette Castonguay
24 x 30 Sold Edmonton
Tulip Vase Nixie Barton
24 x 20 $1,800€1,210$1,426 USD$1,822 AUD£1,0829,438¥ Edmonton
Gladiola on Red Table Nixie Barton
30 x 24 $2,400€1,613$1,901 USD$2,429 AUD£1,44212,584¥ Edmonton
Infinity Bird IV Grant Leier
12 x 12 $750€504$594 USD$759 AUD£4513,932¥ Edmonton
Infinity Bird III Grant Leier
12 x 12 $750€504$594 USD$759 AUD£4513,932¥ Edmonton

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New Artwork - Victoria, B.C.

8 x 8.5 $1,800€1,210$1,426 USD$1,822 AUD£1,0829,438¥ Victoria
9.5 x 8.5 $2,000€1,344$1,584 USD$2,025 AUD£1,20210,486¥ Victoria
11 x 8 $2,400€1,613$1,901 USD$2,429 AUD£1,44212,584¥ Victoria
Impresionante Necklace #3 Dulce Alba Lindeza
  $465€312$368 USD$471 AUD£2792,438¥ Victoria
Mindset Tiger Annabelle Marquis
40 x 48 Sold Victoria
September, Blue Sky Rod Charlesworth
12 x 16 $1,700€1,142$1,347 USD$1,721 AUD£1,0218,913¥ Victoria
Kicking the Ball Rod Charlesworth
8 x 24 $1,900€1,277$1,505 USD$1,923 AUD£1,1429,962¥ Victoria
Merry, In the Snow Rod Charlesworth
18 x 24 Sold Victoria
Kwakiutl Rod Charlesworth
18 x 24 $2,475€1,663$1,961 USD$2,505 AUD£1,48712,977¥ Victoria
Confidente Joanne Gauthier
12 x 12 $1,075€722$852 USD$1,088 AUD£6465,636¥ Victoria
Studio Violet #3 Joanne Gauthier
12 x 12 $1,075€722$852 USD$1,088 AUD£6465,636¥ Victoria
Studio Violet #4 Joanne Gauthier
12 x 12 $1,075€722$852 USD$1,088 AUD£6465,636¥ Victoria
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