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We’re a family owned and operated art gallery, specializing in Canadian art since 1975. We serve our clientele from two locations: Edmonton, Alberta and Victoria, British Columbia.
10337 - 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
October 13, 2018 until October 25, 2018

Join us at the opening of, Life in Montréal, the latest exhibition of oil paintings by Robert Savignac.  The opening reception takes place Saturday, October 13, 2018 between 1 - 4 pm.  Please note Mr. Savignac is unable to attend his opening in Edmonton.  The exhibition continues until October, 25, 2018.

Robert Savignac was born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1946 and grew up to study at Vieux-Montreal CEGEP and Université du Quebec. Savignac lovingly paints the chaotic splendor and lush abundance of urban gardens. In intriguing corners where the natural world meets with his imagination, he creates a beautiful oasis apart from the real world. Flowers spill from balconies, vines creep up the side of a stone wall, while dappled sunlight plays in light and shadow. He is able to masterfully play with perspective, composition and a jewel-like palette to create contemporary portraits of floral space. Robert Savignac is an artist who graciously allows us to savor his love of painting. His works are featured in numerous private collections in Canada and Europe and is one of Canada's most sought after artists.

Please direct all artwork enquiries to our Edmonton location 780.488.4892 / 1.855.488.4892

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1203 Broad Street, Victoria, B.C.
October 20, 2018 until November 1, 2018

Sensational Victoria based artist Ken Faulks unveils his much anticipated collection of new paintings at West End Gallery. Employing the methods and media popular with the Group of Seven, oil paint on small wood panels, Ken takes to painting outside, “en plein air”, like no other artist finding it both challenging and tremendously satisfying. Back in the studio he expertly renders these smaller “plein air” paintings into impressive larger works on panel. Lush brushstrokes, a bold palette and a keen compositional sense have become synonymous with his style. Grand skies, log strewn beaches and other familiar landscapes from around southern Vancouver Island have delighted and excited both new and established collectors. Please direct all artwork enquiries to our Victoria location 250.388.0009 / 1.877.388.0009

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1203 Broad Street, Victoria, B.C.
October 20, 2018 until October 21, 2018

One of Victoria’s much loved art events, the Annual Victoria Gallery Walk, established in 1998 takes place at Alcheringa Gallery, Madrona Gallery, University of Victoria Legacy Art Gallery and West End Gallery on Saturday October 20 from 10am-5:30pm and Sunday October 21 between 12-5pm.

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10337 - 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
October 27, 2018 until November 8, 2018

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New Artwork - Edmonton, Alberta

Love is a Rebellious Bird Joanne Gauthier
48 x 24 $2,300€1,539$1,765 USD$2,472 AUD£1,35412,232¥ Edmonton
Two Sad Birds Joanne Gauthier
20 x 20 $1,250€836$959 USD$1,343 AUD£7366,648¥ Edmonton
48 x 48 $4,450€2,977$3,415 USD$4,783 AUD£2,62123,665¥ Edmonton
Arabesques #1 Joanne Gauthier
60 x 36 $4,500€3,011$3,453 USD$4,837 AUD£2,65023,931¥ Edmonton
Arabesques #2 Joanne Gauthier
40 x 30 $2,300€1,539$1,765 USD$2,472 AUD£1,35412,232¥ Edmonton
Nocturne #20 Joanne Gauthier
40 x 30 $2,300€1,539$1,765 USD$2,472 AUD£1,35412,232¥ Edmonton
36 x 30 $1,900€1,271$1,458 USD$2,042 AUD£1,11910,104¥ Edmonton
Serenade Joanne Gauthier
48 x 12 $1,655€1,107$1,270 USD$1,779 AUD£9758,801¥ Edmonton

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New Artwork - Victoria, B.C.

18 x 24 $2,450€1,639$1,880 USD$2,633 AUD£1,44313,029¥ Victoria
Bouquet of Desire 2 Elka Nowicka
36 x 36 $3,240€2,168$2,486 USD$3,482 AUD£1,90817,231¥ Victoria
36 x 24 $2,100€1,405$1,611 USD$2,257 AUD£1,23711,168¥ Victoria
Into Black Elka Nowicka
36 x 12 $1,200€803$921 USD$1,290 AUD£7076,382¥ Victoria
Blue Tapestry Elka Nowicka
16 x 12 $700€468$537 USD$752 AUD£4123,723¥ Victoria
Sparkles All Over Elka Nowicka
12 x 12 $595€398$457 USD$640 AUD£3503,164¥ Victoria
Two in Blue Elka Nowicka
12 x 12 $595€398$457 USD$640 AUD£3503,164¥ Victoria
Share the Spotlight Mary Ann Laing
30 x 30 $1,575€1,054$1,209 USD$1,693 AUD£9278,376¥ Victoria
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