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We’re a family owned and operated art gallery, specializing in Canadian art since 1975. We serve our clientele from two locations: Edmonton, Alberta and Victoria, British Columbia.
1203 Broad Street, Victoria, B.C.
November 10, 2018 until November 22, 2018

Cortes Island artist Naomi Cairns presents her much-anticipated second solo exhibition at West End Gallery. Preferring to work on large-scale canvases her paintings envelop the viewer and invite further exploration within the landscape. Vantage points from on the water are a recurring theme for Naomi as she has always lived very close to, and sometimes on, the water. Her knowledge and affinity for the movement and light associated with wild West Coast shorelines has endeared her to collectors both new and established. "The size is very important for me to give me the freedom to play with the different looser techniques of painting but still get the effect that I want from afar. I like how it looks more abstract from up close, and as you get further, the depth takes over and it feels to me like I am in that place." -Naomi Cairns. AWARDS 2008 Elizabeth Greenshield’s Foundation Scholarship 2003 Elizabeth Greenshield’s Foundation Scholarship 2002 Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award 2001 First Place Royal Canadian Legion National Poster Competition, Ottawa, ON 2000 First Place Royal Canadian Legion National Poster Competition, Ottawa, ON 2000 First Place in The Brant Festival Student Competition Permanent Collection National War Museum, Ottawa, ON

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10337 - 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
November 17, 2018 until November 29, 2018

The West End Gallery Edmonton is pleased to present the group exhibition of Toronto based artists Aleksandra and Sabina, and Israel based artist Irena Gendelman, opening Saturday November 17. Influences of their home country, Ukraine, are apparent in their works, where sensual language and texture take precedence. Expressed in scenes full of splendor, romance, colour, and personality, the vitality and vibrancy of their paintings are admired by collectors around the globe. Upon moving to Toronto in 2005, Aleksandra was immediately mesmerized by the beautiful land and cityscapes of her new home. In her paintings, Aleksandra explores cubic forms by applying the paint in a structured and geometric fashion, contrasted by splashes of warm, vibrant colour. Using a palette knife as her favourite tool of expression, Sabina has perfected her vigorous and powerful technique to create contemporary landscapes and floral arrangements. Sabina’s mastery of bringing the intensity of light into her pieces brings a very profound sense of artistic maturity. Irena Gendelman gained a passion for art when very young, and has traveled to numerous cities in Europe and the Middle East, contributing to the evolution of her artistic style. Full of passion and life, her paintings appear solid, yet light, exuding a sense of ethereal realism.
Please direct all artwork enquiries to our Edmonton Location at 780.488.4892 / 855.488.4892. Exhibition opens on Saturday, November 17, 2018 and continues through November 29, 2018. All Artwork subject to pre-sale.

New Artwork - Edmonton, Alberta

36 x 60 $2,600€1,725$1,970 USD$2,711 AUD£1,53413,680¥ Edmonton
Autumn Trail Sabina
36 x 18 $1,225€813$928 USD$1,277 AUD£7236,446¥ Edmonton
Riverbend Sabina
30 x 36 $1,655€1,098$1,254 USD$1,725 AUD£9768,708¥ Edmonton
24 x 48 $1,850€1,228$1,402 USD$1,929 AUD£1,0919,734¥ Edmonton
Rocky Island Sabina
36 x 36 $1,850€1,228$1,402 USD$1,929 AUD£1,0919,734¥ Edmonton
Mountain View Sabina
30 x 40 $1,750€1,161$1,326 USD$1,824 AUD£1,0329,208¥ Edmonton
36 x 48 $2,250€1,493$1,705 USD$2,346 AUD£1,32711,839¥ Edmonton
Creek Sabina
36 x 48 $2,250€1,493$1,705 USD$2,346 AUD£1,32711,839¥ Edmonton

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New Artwork - Victoria, B.C.

The Skaters Claudette Castonguay
16 x 12 $825€547$625 USD$860 AUD£4874,341¥ Victoria
The Winter Landscape Claudette Castonguay
20 x 10 $850€564$644 USD$886 AUD£5014,472¥ Victoria
At the Mid of Winter Claudette Castonguay
10 x 20 $850€564$644 USD$886 AUD£5014,472¥ Victoria
Red Backyard Maple Kathleen Black
3.5 x 11.5 $350€232$265 USD$365 AUD£2061,842¥ Victoria
Big Red Maple Kathleen Black
3 x 10 $350€232$265 USD$365 AUD£2061,842¥ Victoria
Emerald Big Maple Kathleen Black
3 x 11 $350€232$265 USD$365 AUD£2061,842¥ Victoria
Gabriola Front Yard Kathleen Black
3 x 12 $395€262$299 USD$412 AUD£2332,078¥ Victoria
Gold Tipped Big Maple Kathleen Black
3.5 x 11 $350€232$265 USD$365 AUD£2061,842¥ Victoria
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