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We’re a family owned and operated art gallery, specializing in Canadian art since 1975. We serve our clientele from two locations: Edmonton, Alberta and Victoria, British Columbia.
10337 - 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
November 9, 2019 until November 21, 2019

Annabelle Marquis’ artistic approach is deeply tied to colour and composition and the unique way she mixes collage with paint. Each painting is fresh and spontaneous, full of ‘joie de vivre’. Using mixed media collage with gold leaf she is equally happy painting purely abstract or figurative work. Striking colours and strong design are at the heart of her pieces and draw each viewer further in to her world.

"I’m challenging my subjects, revisiting my technique, adding new bright colors, daring to drip over… All in an attempt to venture myself to new edges. Creating change rather than searching for change. Like Picasso famously said: ‘I find and then I search’ " - Annabelle Marquis 2019

Exhibition opens on Saturday, November 9th from 1pm – 4pm and continues through November 21st, 2019. All artwork is subject to pre-sale.

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10337 - 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
November 23, 2019 until December 5, 2019

Shi Le is a professional artist and an art educator. He received a bachelor’s degree in fine art at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute of China and a Master’s at the University of Waterloo. Shi Le has been teaching fine arts in various post-secondary institutions including Lakehead University, Queen’s University and the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

“Landscape is a recreation of the moment in memory that captures my emotion in response to the truthfulness of nature. From creek series to the inner woods and grass land, the personal response and understanding to my surroundings are central. Through a palette knife-stroke and flat brush-stroke, I hope to reactivate on the canvas the fascination that the landscape of Ontario has drawn on me.” - Shi Le

Please Join us for the opening reception on November 17 between 1 and 4 pm.  This exhibition runs November 17 - December 5, 2019.  Please note - Shi Le is unable to attend the opening reception.
Please direct all artwork enquiries to our Edmonton location 780.488.4892 / 855.488.4892

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New Artwork - Edmonton, Alberta

What a Night Peter Wyse
24 x 20 $1,760€1,203$1,332 USD$1,953 AUD£1,0299,361¥ Edmonton
The Prospect Peter Wyse
8 x 8 $540€369$409 USD$599 AUD£3162,872¥ Edmonton
A Different Turn of Leaf Kathleen Black
3 x 11 $350€239$265 USD$388 AUD£2051,862¥ Edmonton
The Best of Three Seasons Kathleen Black
4.5 x 13 $475€325$360 USD$527 AUD£2782,526¥ Edmonton
Large to Small Maples Kathleen Black
3.5 x 10.5 $350€239$265 USD$388 AUD£2051,862¥ Edmonton
Orange Seed Maples Kathleen Black
4 x 14 $425€290$322 USD$471 AUD£2492,260¥ Edmonton
Big Change of Seasons Kathleen Black
4 x 14 $425€290$322 USD$471 AUD£2492,260¥ Edmonton
Deep Green Maple Kathleen Black
3 x 11.5 $350€239$265 USD$388 AUD£2051,862¥ Edmonton

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New Artwork - Victoria, B.C.

The Gathered Light Jeannette Sirois
55 x 35 $5,300€3,622$4,012 USD$5,880 AUD£3,09928,189¥ Victoria
Vergers en Fleurs Raynald Leclerc
20 x 24 $2,875€1,965$2,176 USD$3,190 AUD£1,68115,291¥ Victoria
Village de Bellechasse Raynald Leclerc
20 x 24 $2,875€1,965$2,176 USD$3,190 AUD£1,68115,291¥ Victoria
24 x 24 $3,200€2,187$2,422 USD$3,550 AUD£1,87117,020¥ Victoria
30 x 24 $3,450€2,358$2,612 USD$3,827 AUD£2,01818,350¥ Victoria
Hidden Message Greta Guzek
36 x 36 $3,200€2,187$2,422 USD$3,550 AUD£1,87117,020¥ Victoria
Tidal Sentry Greta Guzek
30 x 36 $3,000€2,050$2,271 USD$3,328 AUD£1,75415,956¥ Victoria
Bouquet dans un Pot Josée Lord
24 x 24 $700€478$530 USD$777 AUD£4093,723¥ Victoria
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