10337 - 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
July 5, 2018 until July 26, 2018

The West End Gallery is pleased to present “Summer Selection”, a curated collection featuring Canadian artists Peter Shostak, Joanne Gauthier, Irene Klar, Rod Charlesworth, Shi Le, Raynald Leclerc, Glen Semple, Grant Leier, Dana Irving, and Élène Gamache. We are delighted to welcome three new artists to Edmonton; West Coast favourite Ken Kirkby, emerging Quebec artist Vé Boisvert, and Revelstoke-based Maria Medina. Ken Kirkby brings the rolling prairie hills and vast expanses of living sky to life in his signature palette, while Maria Medina’s brilliantly coloured, meticulously realized still lives toy with scale and the juxtaposition of subjects. Playful bursts of colour seems to dance across Vé Boisvert’s abstract canvases, bringing a sense of tranquility and joy to the viewer. “Summer Selections” also features works from: Blu Smith, Fraser Brinsmead, Gerda Marschall, Shinah Lee, Bev Rodin, Alain Bédard, Blythe Scott, Aleksandra, Paul Jorgensen, Ariane Dubois, Sacha, Robert Savignac, Peter Wyse, Gordon Lewis, Elena Henderson, Irena Gendelman, Claudette Castonguay, and Gabryel Harrison. Exhibition continues through July 26.

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1203 Broad Street, Victoria, B.C.
July 7, 2018 until July 26, 2018

West End Gallery is pleased to welcome Revelstoke based high realist painter Maria Medina. Brilliantly coloured still lifes that seem straightforward at first glance reveal, upon closer inspection, oddities and surrealism that elevate her compositions to the extraordinary. Having started her training in sculpture she eventually made the transition to painting because of a simple need, “I just wanted to work with colour”. Also on display is a curated collection featuring Canadian artists: Grant Leier, Elka Nowicka, Dana Irving, Rod Charlesworth, Glenn Payan, Mary Ann Laing, Ken Faulks, Paul Jorgensen, Greta Guzek, Steven Armstrong, Peter Wyse and many more! Accompanying glass and sculpture by: Robert Held, Kathleen Black, Tammy Hudgeon, Maryse Chartrand, Darren Petersen, Paul Reimer, Dulce Alba Lindeza and Elaine Brewer-White.

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